title: Worksop Heritage Trail

This website reproduces the trail which covers the points of historical interest in Worksop town centre, created in 2009. To view this please select the Workshop Trail tab.

The other tabs give access to the following resources:

  • Worksop History, which includes a number of files that give a more in depth look at the history of Worksop, and also some of the original source documents

  • The Dukeries which covers the history of the five ducal estates that surrounded Worksop

  • A gallery of over 2000 old photographs of Worksop and the Dukeries which can be searched by place, person, subject or date

  • In 1865 the Worksop Gas Company produced a large scale map showing each building in the town. This has been linked to the 1861 Census Returns and illustrated by old and new photographs of the streets. You can search this by the name, address or occupation of the people who lived there

This website is funded by the Building Better Communities Fund, Nottinghamshire County Council and Bassetlaw District Council.

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